917 Interserie

Following Steve Austin’s excellent tour (Automobilia Great Vacations)
http://www.steveaustinsautomobilia.com to Monaco, the Amalfi Coast, Maranello, Modena, Lake Garda and Brescia, I went to Moroso Motorsport Park and tested the late Mike Amalfitano’s Porsche 917 Interserie, 908/2, 910 and 962 to check them out before went for sale at Bonham’s Monterey auction in August.

Prepared with great care by ex. Porsche factory engineer, Klaus Fischer, they all ran beautifully. They have now been sold, the 917 Interserie chassis #031, going for a truly spectacular $3,965,000.

The reason for this high value no doubt being partially due to the fact that in 1970, this car was the third entry at Le Mans by John Wyer Gulf Porsche. Driven by Mike Hailwood and David Hobbs it went out early when, in pouring rain, Mike crashed into a broken-down Alfa Romeo T33 earning this remark from John “Death Ray” Wyer: “ don’t call us Mike – we’ll call you”!


Dear Judy; Thank you for your delightful and most contmilempary comments – WOW. Thanks for sharing and confirming what I try to convey, for ‘getting it’! I greatly look forward to our working together if that is what transpires. Bon voyage, and see you upon your return to the States. Blessings, Joyce

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