Monticello Motor Club

The end of May on a scheduled visit to the Monticello Motor Club, I was invited to take part
in a Mazda Miata race!

Yes, there is strong support for these strong, reliable – and inexpensive little racers. Power? What power, hardly enough to pull the skin of a rice pudding.

Non the less, very well organized by Chris Maybury, some twenty cars assembled with a mix of experienced and novice drivers. Asked if I’d like to take part, I somewhat foolishly agreed, thinking I’d qualify somewhere near the back and be able to get a feel for the car without any pressure.

Wrong! The grid positions were decided not by qualifying times, but by a blind draw. Guess
what? Yes, I’m on pole! Well, the only good thing was, I didn’t crash! Apart from driver experience, some cars were more equal than others! When I asked how long the gearboxes lasted, the reply was “well, this one’s done 250,000 miles”! It was a lot of fun.

The following day we went to Watkins Glen for the Grand-Am race. Monticello Motor Club president, Ari Straus, had entered a BMW for the Continental Tire Challenge. His co-driver was Sam Schultz, MMC’s excellent chief driving instructor.

I was invited to drive and did five laps in practice…..interestingly, whilst all my race driving life, over 50 years now, I’ve always gone easily the first couple of laps, warming the brakes, looking at the track and generally checking things out. Also, along similar lines, on the last lap before pitting, I slow down, let the brakes, motor, gearbox and axle cool somewhat. What did the Continental Tire Challenge competitors do? Flat out from start to finish of the session! With some seventy five cars on track, a very busy time!



. Beautiful! During a deeply eniotomal and painful time over a decade ago, the Lord gave many poems to write down. They allowed me to express the feelings I couldn't articulate verbally. They also helped me to realize many truths about God and myself and our relationship. It was our daughter who suggested that I share them on my blog and I timidly did share quite a number. Not yet ready to share them all but I'm still a work in progress. Thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts! Keep up the good work!

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