John Morton Scarab Mishap

"I have to say that I felt extremely lucky, if I'd broken an arm I'd been lucky!"
John Morton
The Video

Race Car Champion John Morton takes time out of his busy schedule and give us a first-hand account of what happened when the beloved Scarab went airborne at the 2010 Monterey Motorsports Reunion.   We're thrilled he walked away, so to speak, from this potentially life-threatening encounter and look forward to seeing his superb driving talents at Historic Race events!  Perhaps this demonstrates that regardless of professional skills and experience, circumstances can unexpectedly intervene at a moments notice.

The Car: 
1958 Scarab Sports Racer

1958 Scarab Sports Racer MK3 Chassis#04 space framed chassis wrapped with aluminum skin powered by 301 cubic inch Chevrolet coupled with a Corvette four-speed gearbox front suspension double A-arms rear suspension De Dion tube brakes by Ford custom finned aluminum drums

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You look amazing, as ever!

You look amazing, as ever!

John, I was at Lime Rock Park when the Nissan GTP you were driving took fight. I thought we had lost you then. this one looked bad as well and I'm happy you've survived another one. Practice up one what last words you want to use. Make it as reflexive as your driving skills. That way you won't have to apologize to your Maker.

I found just what I was needed, and it was entritaening!

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